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kristi-photo2Hi there Amazing Soul!  I’m super grateful to you for stopping by my virtual space for manifesting joy!  I’m Kristi.  Happiness strategist, bestselling author, actress, marketing magician, water sports lover, and fierce creator of bliss, passion, and positive change (in my own life, and for others too – including you!).

I’ve been through a few big time challenges in this wild and crazy life.  Nearly 14 years ago, I burnt myself out completely (we’re talking emotionally and spiritually bankrupt) as a young, corporate work-a-holic and achievement addict.  I was over shopping, over partying, over working, and basically barking up every single wrong tree looking for happiness.  I had been following that pattern most of my life. Doing what everyone else thought I should be doing.

I recovered from those days after a big breakdown, followed by an even bigger breakthrough – learning what exactly the true bricks of authentic, lasting happiness are made of!  By being open to change, diving head first into studies of personal development, metaphysics, positive psychology, and spiritual practice, I transformed my life in huge, amazing ways.

But the learning and change wasn’t over yet (never really is, right?).  All this was followed in 2008 by a catastrophic illness that left me unable to work, fully care for myself, or even do the most basic, everyday things for a year and a half.  Then, there was the tragic loss of two of my childhood best friends.  And then the divorce.  There were days when I literally spent hours lying on the floor feeling like my heart was filled with shattered glass.  Holy moly!  Talk about time to turn inward, love yourself, and examine your life!

All of these things have not only made me stronger and helped me to grow in ways I’d never imagined; they also proved to me that the happiness practices and concepts I’d been studying and developing really, truly work!  And, I was able to weed out the stuff that doesn’t work (AKA: B.S.) so I could narrow it all down to the most powerful and effective shifts that truly help to create lasting, sustainable change.  Plus, they’re a huge help in pulling us up on out when we fall into the dark. When I knew I’d identified the true core building blocks that work, I gained an unstoppable passion to share them with as many people as possible.

Kristi LingThese times also gave me a gift I never expected – the willingness to look at myself and take responsibility for what I create.  Because, when we are willing to take full responsibility for creating our own happiness, health, and dream life – the most beautiful doors in the Universe fly open and invite us in.  This is when the brightest light leads us to our most empowered life!

Here’s the truth – This incredible (and mostly unpredictable) miracle we call life will sometimes present us with challenges, obstacles, loss, and even dark, dark days.  The real secret to our happiest life is to choose be happy on purpose!  To learn to do it deliberately.

This is done by building a sparkling, powerful toolbox of resources, practices, perception shifts, and habits for creating our best possible life – a foundation for happiness!

This foundation not only empowers us to thrive, embrace unconditional self-love, and be amazingly happy, but also to supports us through our toughest times and provides us with an inner-knowing that we’ll make it through, grow, and come out stronger.

This is what I’m passionate about sharing. The essential building blocks of creating and sustaining a foundation for your happiest, most spectacular life!

Thank you for being here. I hope you’ll enjoy my book, blog, eBooks, and social media musings. It’s my heart’s desire that my work will be of help to you in what you’re looking to change and manifest! So excited and grateful for the chance to co-create with you!

Much Love & Radical Bliss!


More on Kristi

Passionate about sharing her experiences and dedicated to helping people create happiness and build a foundation for their best life, Kristi writes, speaks, and creates to empower others to generate more happiness, wellness, and success. As an actress, she also loves to bring people joy, wonder, and compassion through storytelling.

Kristi has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, CNN, Mashable, Women’s Health, Country Living, Woman’s Day, Success Magazine,  Awareness Magazine, and other media. She is the bestselling author of Operation Happiness. Her TEDx Talk, “The Power of Re-Thinking Happiness,” has been shared across social media.

Kristi regularly gives her energy and know-how to non-profit organizations. She is a passionate advocate for marine conservation and wildlife causes, as well for raising awareness about shark protection. She loves water sports, Yoga, trail running, gardening, and adventure. A Southern California native, she currently lives in Houson, TX, and also frequently spends time in her hometown of Los Angeles working on creative projects.


What They’re Saying:

Kathy Buckley

Kristi will find the light in the darkest corner, always looking for the positive. She amazes me with her thirst for knowledge on making life simple and enjoyable. She knows that life is a gift, and she wants you to know it as well. She has touched my life in only a way Kristi can.

Michelle Harris

Kristi is devoted to helping people attain their goals. Her positive outlook and ability to meet challenges head on inspires others to do the same and reach their full potential.

Stella Tong

Kristi has amazing charisma and is able to translate this quality to motivate and inspire everyone she works with.

Alexandra Spinner

Kristi is in possession of this eras blueprint to the true way of absolute happiness. She has mastered the pathway to human awareness and the key to unlocking every person’s human potential.

Steve Truitt

Kristi is quite simply the most positive, forward leaning person I know. Her unquenchable thirst for knowledge and enlightenment and her dedication to her craft is hard to match.

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