Linda Joy’s Got a New Anthology Book – and I Wrote the Foreword!

Posted on Oct 13, 2015 in Announcements, Empowerment, Happiness Tools, Kristi Recommends, Operation Happiness

Cultivating JoyHi Friends! As I put the finishing touches on my own book, Operation Happiness, due out March 1st from Rodale Books, I’m happy to share that my dear friend Linda Joy, founder of Aspire Magazine and Inspired Living Publishing, has released a new anthology of inspirational stories by 38 amazing women called Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Cultivating Joy.  AND – I’m honored to have written the foreword for the book!

When Linda asked me to write the foreword for her new book, I was so honored and completely thrilled because I love everything Linda puts together!  The quality of content that she offers and the incredible, empowered women she brings together to share their stories are so inspiring.  You’ve just got to experience it!

Click here to get your copy, which comes with some wonderful transformational gifts.  Enjoy and happy reading!



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Watch the TEDx Talk on The Power of Re-Thinking Happiness

Posted on Aug 4, 2015 in Announcements, Empowerment, Events, Happiness Tools, Videos

Hi Amazing Friends!  I recently had the opportunity to give a talk on The Power of Re-Thinking Happiness at TEDx Culver City.  What a great event and experience!  In it I share a bit of my own journey, why (and how) we should re-think our approach to happiness, and some super powerful perspective changes.  Plus, a funny and inspiring story about grass stains that will permanently change the way you see them.  Catch it here & feel free to share:


I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Let me know in the comments below.  Thanks for watching!

Much Love,

XO Kristi


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A Quick Summer Happiness Tip – Let’s Go Outside…

Posted on Jul 20, 2015 in Empowerment, Happiness Tools

Go outsideHi Friends!  Just a quick note with a summer happiness tip for you:  Bust out of the cubicle. :) Or office. Or house. Wherever you’re cooped up. Being outside as much as possible is good for our happiness, our health, and our soul — but yet so many find themselves indoors most of the time out of habit, even when the weather is amazing!

So many things, including office work, can be done outside. Folding laundry, cooking, writing, watching TV, helping kids with homework, making phone calls… you name it.  So, the next time you’re getting ready to tackle a list of tasks, ask which ones can be done outside…and then go!  

If you work in a very corporate environment, try starting a new initiative to increase productivity and employee morale by starting rotating “work outside” hours in 2 to 3 hour blocks a few days a week. Many companies have outdoor patios or courtyards that are wayyy underutilized. You may even suggest that meetings be held outside. If you need extra ammo to convince them, try searching Google for articles you can share that mention benefits of working outdoors, like this one from Forbes.

Here’s a pic of my outdoor office for the summer (also known as my back patio). I’d LOVE to see how this little reminder has inspired you to spend more time outdoors…share a photo and tag me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.  Or just share in the comments below.

Love & summer bliss,


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What We Can Learn From Bees About Creating Happiness

Posted on May 30, 2015 in Empowerment, Happiness Tools

Bee Happy 1Are you a passionate seeker of joyful things?  One thing I’ve noticed happy people have in common is that they’re constantly seeking opportunities to experience beauty, wonder, enchantment, laughter, and pleasure.  The same way you see bees buzzing around for pollen and nectar.

It takes conscious effort to drink in life – to mindfully notice all the little amazing things that are here for use to enjoy.  It’s easy to get so caught up in everyday life that we forget to be actively looking for and soaking in the opportunities for joy that are all around us.

Taking inspiration from the bee and re-training ourselves to be consistently seeking and focusing our attention on the sweet things that feed our soul can raise our level of overall happiness in big ways.

This mindful way of “beeing” can turn everyday life into a magical adventure, and can also serve us during difficult times by allowing us to still notice the beauty, joy, and supportive synchronicity around us, which can be healing and even help guide us.

For example, three years ago, I was in a dark space after the end of my 10-year marriage.  In the days after that split, I was actively seeking high-value nutrition, rest, and simple joys to help keep my spirits and my immune system in check.  One morning, I made myself get in the car and drive to the local juice bar for some healthy green juice.  Feeling sad and drained, I asked the server if they had anything with kale and lemon.  She smiled and said, “We sure do!  It’s called the “Learn to Let Go!”

I looked at her a little surprised and started to LOL at the irony!  And, felt instantly uplifted and grateful for the timely message I’d just received.  All because I was willing to put the effort into seeking and staying open to good things, even during a challenging time.

Living from this place of positive awareness can make happy times even happier, and hard times a little easier (not to mention help us to take in powerful lessons).

So, let’s drink in the summer!  I invite you to join me in taking inspiration from the bee.  Make deliberate effort each day to mindfully and consistently seek, discover, and create the space for all the amazing little things in life that can bring us joy, wonder, wellness, and needed guidance.  Let’s take joy to another level!  One of the most important habits of truly happy people.

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Happy Announcement: Now Contributing to Simple Reminders

Posted on May 13, 2015 in Announcements, Empowerment, Kristi Recommends

simplereminders-header-700wHi Friends!  I’m happy to announce that I’m now contributing articles to one of my favorite inspirational resources online,  Founded by Jenni Young and Bryant McGill, two amazing photographers and inspiring visionaries, Simple Reminders offers nearly 2.5 million people daily inspiration for empowered living.  You can visit them on Facebook here, and you can see my latest articles on my contributor page here.  Thanks for reading!  Much love,  Kristi


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New Season of My Happy, Free, & Wild Podcast is Here!

Posted on Mar 30, 2015 in Announcements, Empowerment, Happiness Tools, Podcasts

Happy, Free, and Wild Podcast Kristi LingHi Friends!  A quick announcement to let you know that the new season of my podcast, Happy, Free, & Wild is here!  Season 2, episode 1 is available now (Tips for More Happiness and Inner Peace), with new episodes on the way.  And, if you haven’t checked out season 1 yet, all the replays are available for you on-demand (woot!).  Episodes are available on iTunes, iHeartRadio, and  Click here for all the details and to listen.  Thanks so much to everyone for tuning in!  Happy spring!

Much love & radical bliss,

xo Kristi


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You Need This List… It’s a Must-Have For Happiness

Posted on Jan 30, 2015 in Empowerment, Happiness Tools

Journal Create This List

I’m a big fan of lists.  I love them.  Something about writing things down helps to re-enforce things in our minds, and putting things on paper just makes them a little more…electric. Did you create a list of goals or resolutions at the beginning of this year?  I did, and so far, so good!  But, this year I realized there is another very important, empowering list we all need that most of us are forgetting to create.  A list that can help us stay on track with happiness, stay connected to our inner-voice, and help compel us to create our dream life.

A list of the things that light up your soul.

Why is this so important?  Because it’s super easy to get so focused on achieving goals and routines of everyday life that we forget to deliberately incorporate the things that really light us up, support our happiness, and drive our inspiration.  And, because spending time turning inward and tapping into our hearts can lead to new discoveries about our passions, what’s really important, and how we can better invite the things that truly bring us joy into our lives more often.

Any time we’re creating a list of goals, we should also be creating a list of the things that light us up and fill our souls with bliss.  You can even compare the two lists to see what connects to what, adding even more fuel and clarity to your plan.

Personally, I love lists of ten. I create them all the time.  This just seems like a doable number to me. Not overdone or underdone.  But, sometimes just listing for as long as the ideas flow can be awesome too.

To help you get started, I thought I’d share my current list of ten things that light me up right now.  They’re big and small. Simple and complex. And, to me, they’re all a “Hell yes!”


Stand up paddleboarding

Snorkeling and free diving


Helping others to think about and approach happiness in new ways

Deep, soulful conversations with friends and family


Gardening, fresh flowers, and growing my own food



Great music (especially live)


Ready?  Grab a pen, find a quiet spot, connect to your heart, and create your list of things that really, truly light up your soul.  Your own bliss list.  You might be surprised at what appears on it.  Let your heart speak through your pen.  I suggest handwriting for sure, especially if you use cursive writing, because it stimulates the brain in ways that help with comprehension and focus.  Plus, it’s just a soulful break from anything electronic, and we need as many of those as we can get.

Create and re-create this list often.  Keep it where you can see it every day.  Think of it as a heart-centered meditation, an action plan, and a to-do list all in one.  Of all of our lists, the list of what truly lights us up and fills us with awe in this life is the most powerful and significant of all.

Feel free to share some of the things you’ll be adding to your list below – I’d love to hear them!

Much love & bliss,



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