Happy Announcement: Now Contributing to Simple Reminders

Posted on May 13, 2015 in Announcements, Empowerment, Kristi Recommends

simplereminders-header-700wHi Friends!  I’m happy to announce that I’m now contributing articles to one of my favorite inspirational resources online, Simplereminders.com.  Founded by Jenni Young and Bryant McGill, two amazing photographers and inspiring visionaries, Simple Reminders offers nearly 2.5 million people daily inspiration for empowered living.  You can visit them on Facebook here, and you can see my latest articles on my contributor page here.  Thanks for reading!  Much love,  Kristi


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New Season of My Happy, Free, & Wild Podcast is Here!

Posted on Mar 30, 2015 in Announcements, Empowerment, Happiness Tools, Podcasts

Happy, Free, and Wild Podcast Kristi LingHi Friends!  A quick announcement to let you know that the new season of my podcast, Happy, Free, & Wild is here!  Season 2, episode 1 is available now (Tips for More Happiness and Inner Peace), with new episodes on the way.  And, if you haven’t checked out season 1 yet, all the replays are available for you on-demand (woot!).  Episodes are available on iTunes, iHeartRadio, and Spreaker.com.  Click here for all the details and to listen.  Thanks so much to everyone for tuning in!  Happy spring!

Much love & radical bliss,

xo Kristi


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You Need This List… It’s a Must-Have For Happiness

Posted on Jan 30, 2015 in Empowerment, Happiness Tools

Journal Create This List

I’m a big fan of lists.  I love them.  Something about writing things down helps to re-enforce things in our minds, and putting things on paper just makes them a little more…electric. Did you create a list of goals or resolutions at the beginning of this year?  I did, and so far, so good!  But, this year I realized there is another very important, empowering list we all need that most of us are forgetting to create.  A list that can help us stay on track with happiness, stay connected to our inner-voice, and help compel us to create our dream life.

A list of the things that light up your soul.

Why is this so important?  Because it’s super easy to get so focused on achieving goals and routines of everyday life that we forget to deliberately incorporate the things that really light us up, support our happiness, and drive our inspiration.  And, because spending time turning inward and tapping into our hearts can lead to new discoveries about our passions, what’s really important, and how we can better invite the things that truly bring us joy into our lives more often.

Any time we’re creating a list of goals, we should also be creating a list of the things that light us up and fill our souls with bliss.  You can even compare the two lists to see what connects to what, adding even more fuel and clarity to your plan.

Personally, I love lists of ten. I create them all the time.  This just seems like a doable number to me. Not overdone or underdone.  But, sometimes just listing for as long as the ideas flow can be awesome too.

To help you get started, I thought I’d share my current list of ten things that light me up right now.  They’re big and small. Simple and complex. And, to me, they’re all a “Hell yes!”


Stand up paddleboarding

Snorkeling and free diving


Helping others to think about and approach happiness in new ways

Deep, soulful conversations with friends and family


Gardening, fresh flowers, and growing my own food



Great music (especially live)


Ready?  Grab a pen, find a quiet spot, connect to your heart, and create your list of things that really, truly light up your soul.  Your own bliss list.  You might be surprised at what appears on it.  Let your heart speak through your pen.  I suggest handwriting for sure, especially if you use cursive writing, because it stimulates the brain in ways that help with comprehension and focus.  Plus, it’s just a soulful break from anything electronic, and we need as many of those as we can get.

Create and re-create this list often.  Keep it where you can see it every day.  Think of it as a heart-centered meditation, an action plan, and a to-do list all in one.  Of all of our lists, the list of what truly lights us up and fills us with awe in this life is the most powerful and significant of all.

Feel free to share some of the things you’ll be adding to your list below – I’d love to hear them!

Much love & bliss,



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My #1 Tip For Making 2015 Your Best Year Yet!

Posted on Dec 16, 2014 in Empowerment, Happiness Tools, Videos, vlog

Hi Dear Friends!  Happy, happy 2015!  I’ve made a video for you where I share my #1 tip and theme for a fantastic, happy, successful 2015:  Think bigger!  Click on the image below to view the video and hear why I’m going to think bigger in 2015, and how you can too.  Trust me, this will get you thinking:

Wishing you an amazing, sparkling holiday!  Thank you so much for being a part of my 2014.  I’m SO grateful for you!  I can’t wait to share some awesome stuff with you in the coming year.  If you don’t have my free Empower Your Day eBook & Three Keys for Incredible Lasting Happiness audio class, be sure to download them to the right of this page – they’re my gifts to you and a great way to start the year!

Much love & New Year light,

xo Kristi

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The Soul Sessions Book Tour – How I Live On Purpose

Posted on Nov 11, 2014 in Bliss News, Empowerment, Happiness Tools, Kristi Recommends

Soul Sessions Book Tour



Hi Friends!  I’m sharing how I live on purpose by answering a few questions from my inspiring friend Dr. Danielle Dowling in support of her new book The Soul Sessions, a 5-week guide to crafting greater joy and making big things happen. Get a wee, free sample here!  Here we go! …  :)

Q:  How do you let go of the chase for perfection?

KL:  Long ago, I was able to let go of chasing perfection by changing my perspective on what perfection actually is.  Sometimes it’s just that things worked out in spite of bumps in the road – things working out, no matter how, is always perfection.  Sometimes perfection is the lessons I learn when things don’t go the way I’d hoped they would.  What could be more perfect than learning and growing?  Embracing imperfection and changing the way we look at perfection makes all the difference.

Q:  How do you pinpoint what isn’t working?

KL:  You really have to be consciously and deliberately in tune with yourself to be regularly pinpointing what isn’t working so you can create shifts, large and small, to keep you on the path to your best life.  When I was much younger, I didn’t pay nearly enough attention to what I was tolerating in my life, and therefore, was living in a stressed out state of constantly having my energy drained and feeling frustrated.  When I started looking carefully at what wasn’t working for me (even the small stuff), and making changes accordingly, my life opened up in amazing ways.  One of my missions now is to always be mindfully “cleaning out my emotional closet” to make room for fabulous new things.  

Q:  How do you know when you’ve “arrived” or finally “made it happen?”

KL:  I’m always celebrating.  Small victories, big accomplishments, and even just the everyday.  To me, waking up in the morning is “arriving.”  Every morning is a chance to create fantastic things.  Another big thing for me that tells me I’m on the right path is when I receive emails, comments, or posts from people who read my blog or take part in one of my courses telling me that something I shared made a difference for them.  This is like rocket fuel for me!  It’s why I do what I do.  When I know that something I’ve said or written has helped one person, that’s the ultimate feeling of “making it happen.”     

Thanks to my friend, Dr. Danielle Dowling, for these great questions!  I invite you to share how you live on purpose in the comments below. :)  And, be sure to check out Danielle’s new book, The Soul Sessions, a 5-week guide to crafting greater joy and making big things happen. You can snap up a free sample here!

Kristi xo

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The Missing Link to Lasting Happiness? This is a Big One…

Posted on Nov 3, 2014 in Empowerment, Happiness Tools

Kristi LingIf I could share just one thing with the world about happiness, this would be it.  If you’ve struggled in your life with creating sustainable, lasting happiness, this is for you, and it’s very important…

Happiness is many things – a mindset, a choice, a feeling – but the MOST important thing to know about happiness – and the little known missing link – is that happiness is a SKILL.

When you embrace happiness as a skill that you can learn to do, practice, and become good at… just like learning to play a musical instrument or speaking a new language… everything changes!

Consciously practice happiness every single day by deliberately re-focusing on positive thinking, doing the things that bring you joy, creating healthy happiness habits, practicing self-love, and taking ridiculously good care of your precious mind, body, and spirit.

Research, try different things, discover what supports your happiness — and regularly invite more of THAT into your life on purpose. Make it your top priority. Work at it like you would work at learning a challenging new computer application. Do this with great effort EVERY DAY – mindfully and deliberately DO happiness – and after a while, it will become part of you. Your natural state. Suddenly, you’ll find that you’re fluent in happiness! And, your life will be forever changed.

It may take weeks for you, and it may take months or even longer. Don’t give up, everyone is different. You’ll feel the shift when it happens. If you stick to it and don’t stop – you will literally re-program your brain, your actions, and your cells to naturally live in a state of cultivating happiness and inner-peace.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t experience difficult times in life, everyone does, but it does mean that you’ll be regularly living in a natural state of happiness, and the skills you develop to live in that new happy state will also support you through the hard times too. Everything becomes easier, more light filled, and more doable.

Happiness is the required skill for living our very best life that they forgot to teach us in school.

Are you ready to learn, practice, and master the SKILL of happiness? Let’s go!

xo  Love, Kristi

P.S. - Be sure to download my free happiness audio & eBook on the right side of this page – they’ll get you started!  And, you’ll be the first to know about my upcoming 4-week eCourse, Happiness Bootcamp!


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Try THIS for More Bliss – Plus, My Secret Peaceful Practice

Posted on Oct 21, 2014 in Announcements, Bliss News, Empowerment, Happiness Tools, Kristi Recommends

 Hi Amazing Friends! 

Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful fall season so far!  I’m loving it!  And, I’ve just been inspired to share with you one of my personal secrets for creating more peace, focus, and clarity in my life – rituals.

Rituals (many I’ve made up or customized just for me) have been a powerful, supportive part of my life for a long time.  One of my faves is going to the beach, writing a word in the sand that represents something I would like to release, and letting the waves wash over the word until it disappears.  So cleansing!

Rituals are used by all kinds of successful people to deal with the craziness of their lives, and to create balance and inspiration.  You may even have some of your own. 

For me, this is an area of my life I’d like to expand this season.  There’s an awesome new book I’ll be reading called Your Hidden Riches – Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create a Life of Meaning and Purpose. It’s written by the NY Times bestselling authors of The Passion Test, Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood, and has been praised by Paulo Coelho, Jack Canfield, Don Miguel Ruiz & many other wonderful people!

I just ordered mine today and am excited to expand this part of my life.  Want to join me?  You can get yours here (plus, it comes with some awesome bonus gifts you’ll love!)

Chris and Janet say they’re not talking about empty rituals (like rushing through grace to get to dinner). They say rituals are behaviors and actions we consciously infuse with meaning, and that ritual can be a powerful conduit to a life filled with deeper meaning and contentment. I totally agree!  Some rituals have been amazingly transformative for me.

This is a book you’ll not only enjoy reading, but you’ll come back to it again and again because it’s filled with practical rituals for every area of your life. 

Snap up your copy here: Discover Your Hidden Riches  

I’ve seen Janet and Chris speak on several occasions and their teachings have meant a great deal to me. Their wisdom is moving and practical. I’m excited to read their new book and super happy to share it with you!

There’s never a better time than right now to take steps toward transforming your life into exactly what you want it to be. 

Love & happy adventures,



P.S. – If you order yours now, you’ll be reading it at the same time I am.  I’d love to hear your thoughts – just reply to this email to reach me! :)

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